Healing Cancer with Fasting

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The video above is of Dr. Brian Clement, co-founder of Hippocrates Institute that is located in Florida. He states that he himself has seen people with advanced cancer make a recovery. 

Cancer can be cured by natural means, and people need to become more aware of this. Some people might say, and this might be you, that it's impossible. Well, what is cancer? how does it thrive in the body and multiply?

According to the video clip of Dr. Brian Clement, he speaks about meat and dairy, but especially sugar. All of these things create acidity inside the body, which does not allow it to regenerate and heal. 

Acidic environments are the cause of cancer and other illnesses. Just like Dr. Clement said, "there is no such thing as a heart attack disease or a diabetic type 2 because those are all lifestyle choices."

Now i'd like to tell you more about Hippocrates Institute. Hippocrates is based on the "father of modern medicine," which we know as the Greek, "Hippocrates." He's the one that states, "let thy food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." He's the one in which young doctors take what is called the "hippocratic oath." 

In this center called Hippocrates, the founders based a natural therapy of eating live foods, meaning, foods that are alive and full of energy, not dead flesh.

With this, they have personally seen many illnesses be reversed, as have I. I really appreciate their work, which is why I care to mention them here. You see, what Dr. Clement talks about is really a type of fasting. 


Why do people find it hard to understand that cancer can be permanently cured without the use of chemicals and radiation? Simple, it's all about their mindset and all the propaganda surrounding natural healing. 

However, let's dive deeper into this, because I aim to make this topic easy and straightforward as I can make it. 

When disease hits, it's understandable that one feels scared and a bunch of hidden things rise to surface. Family and friends all of a sudden have health advice and everything seems crazy in terms of decisions and possibilities. 

Lucky for us, there is much alternative media covering seemingly impossible results in terms of cancer recovery.

Our bodies are complex organisms that require a range of things to thrive and live. However, I'd like for you to consider something, every-time you take a breath, it is because it stems from plant life. They excrete the oxygen we need to breathe and we excrete what they need. Isn't that awesome? Well that should tell you the importance of the plants in our lives.

Now days, life has been so much more different than before. Check the food ingredients on a regular protein bar or a juice carton from the supermarket or gas station. Have you noticed the list of "rare" ingredients and added sugars? 

The truth is, in this day and age, it's become a task to find natural food items without added chemicals and 100% juice. Microwaves and other un-natural technologies are changing foods which tend to cause atrocities inside the human body.

Even still, people with cancer choose to keep consuming cancer-causing foods while they, without question, take the radioactive chemicals that are given to them. My goal is to be a light of hope and truth for those that are experiencing difficult times because of a disease. In order for cancer to be reversed naturally, there must be a deep consideration about one's lifestyle choices and habits. Fasting and proper nutrition are by far, the safest way to heal.


Many people and personal clients ask me, "If you had cancer, what would you do?" My response is quick and to the point, even though I understand people's concern and hesitation in difficult times. But read carefully, there is important information that will put my confidence in perspective.

First of all, I have personally reversed many illnesses and conditions with the methods I am advocating. Moreover, I have also been trained by experienced healers that have left their wise teachings with me. These teachers have also had the privilege to see many manifestations of illnesses reverse. 

With that said, I'd like to say that the first thing I would do If I had cancer, is to get myself a medical grade water ionizer. Alkaline Water or Alkalized water has been named as the number one natural product against cancer. They are machines that filter water and charge it with electrons, which in turn create anti-oxidant water with healing qualities.

You can read more on the "American Anti-Cancer Institute" about alkalized water here.

If you're interested in understanding more on how to obtain a medical grade water ionizer, please contact [email protected] with the subject line "Water"

Yes, water is 70% on average of the entire human body. IT'S IMPORTANT!

The second thing I would do is go on an alkaline fasting season, because that's when you can stimulate your body's natural immune response:

You see, fasting is able to assist the body at a cellular level, but what's even deeper is that if you know the correct herbs to enhance the fasting season, the healing process is able to be reached faster. 

When I speak about herbs though, I'm not talking about the common ones in the herbal medicine books, and that's because I believe that the most medicinal plants are not really on your western books. 

In my case, fasting with liquids only has been able to do wonders for my internal and external wellbeing. There were specific foods and nutrients that I blended together daily to maintain a liquid fast. At this, there were also specific herbs that I used to help heal my body and obtain sufficient nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium and more. 

If you'd like more information about how fasting can help you, please check out my book on fasting, where you can get the full Dr. Sebi recommended nutritional guide to reverse disease here

For a more in depth course on fasting, please see my video course called "Fast Health Solutions" that is available on my website here.

Now, I definitely have to mention here that I owe my health success to the guidance of mentors that knew more than me about natural healing practices. Because of this, I would like to offer the chance to undergo a guided fasting practice with me where I can prepare a customized herbal package and be of close assistance.

The one-on-one coaching program is designed for people that want to detox, feel better or overcome serious health challenges like cancer and others. If this is someone you know you need, please check out more information here

"Even in this century, with faith, courage and a just cause, David will still beat Goliath."

-Emperor Haile Selassie I

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