Your body is the ultimate technology.


Healing is a built-in program; it's effortless..


Natural law is the electric energy in our hearts & minds.











As a teen, I developed skin and nervous system issues that were very impacting to the quality of life I experienced. I felt limited by the seemingly negative changes in my body and the health concerns I had with acne and dermatitis among other things. I say seemingly, because the issues caused me to not desire to be seen and developed introverted habits. From my current perspective, it worked for my highest and best good, because now there is a return to a more natural sense of self.

I was born in Dominican Republic, and my extroverted nature was to be well connected with friends, active, smiling and happy. That's why I can deduct that all health issues are "limits" to the human potential. My now 12+ years in the health & wellness industry can narrow down complex subjects and synthesize them into more easily comprehendible ideas for the average person. 

The preparation period for what I do today really began at the start of the year 2007, after the "expert prescribed" shampoos and creams did not permanently reverse the health issues I was facing! Then everything changed as my prayers began to be answered, finding specific mentors and world distinguished experts to expand my knowledge with understanding of the human body, fasting, detoxing and plant medicines. 

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"Every day for the past 6 months I have woken up exhausted with chills. This morning after day 1 of herbs, I woke up and slept just like before I began to experience these health issues. I didn't wake up exhausted, didn't have the chills and the fever has gone down significantly. Just wanted to thank you for being God-sent! These methods definitely work."

Darius Richards

"My experience with tommy was very positive For a long time I've suffered from stomach pain and a type of heavy feeling in my body. Tommy showed me the importance and proper steps to clean the body. Currently with more energy, stomach-pain-free and my lifestyle is filled with rich alkaline foods."

Ramon Macias
-Business manager

Dr. Sebi's "Legacy"

Alfredo Bowman, A.K.A. "Dr. Sebi" is a well-known natural healer that was able to prove the effectiveness of his methods in the supreme court of New York. His "bio-electric food" concept is widely revered as the most popular "alkaline diet" program to be recognized around the world. Dr. Sebi began his journey healing himself with the help of a Mexican Herbalist, which reversed his health issues of diabetes, impotence & obesity at age 30. Dr. Sebi became known as a celebrity health coach, working with the likes of Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson and many others. 

The Truth About The Natural World

The alkaline nutritional system is a way to nourish the body without the consumption of inflammatory foods. Beyond this, Dr. Sebi's process understands the history of genetic manipulation by man, at which we see every day with "seedless fruits," is but one example of the unhealthy nutritional practices the modern world embraces. Learning the art of fasting and saying "no" to unnatural foods is one of the master keys. 

Netflix's Documentary "The Last Shaman"

Maestro Pepe Franchini of Peru shares with Tommy perspectives on plant medicines and consciousness. This teacher has been featured in official media publications, such as Netflix. He is a proud "Shipibo," an ancient culture of the Amazon rainforest. 

The Truth About The Amazon Rainforest

Tommy lived an entire year in Ecuador studying medicinal plants. Additionally, living in South Florida for most of his life has also exposed him to venerable master plant medicine men & women of Brazil, Colombia and the entire region. 

"Fasting With The Masters" Books, Courses & Programs

Mentorship is the key to success in any area of life. In regards to health and wellness, Tommy has written books, created courses and programs to assist others in their quest to becoming their greatest versions. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Tommy offers physical, mental and spiritual approaches to modern day challenges. Click to learn more!

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