Dr. Sebi talks about Fasting

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2018


The world renowned naturalist and plant medicine man, Dr. Sebi was an advocate of fasting. Dr. Sebi's life was saved by fasting. When he in his 30's, he experienced obesity, impotence and diabetic tendencies. On the verge of a slow death happening inside his body, he was desperate for solutions. Dr. Sebi, or Alfredo Bowman by his birth name, sought out a Mexican healer that told him he needed to fast drinking herbal compounds and liquids. Dr. Sebi completed 90 days of fasting, claiming that after that close to the end of the fasting, he was waking up with penile erections again! That's because the penis needs clear arteries and veins for the blood to flow properly and produce an erection. That not all, Dr. Sebi said he transformed into his ideal weight shedding all that fat trapped in his body. He claims that he didn't stop going to the bathroom even after 60 days of not eating anything. His story also mentions that he also reversed the diabetic tendencies and gained stronger eyesight, as he previously wore glasses. 

Dr. Sebi's transformation inspired him to quit his job as a steam engineer in order to pursue herbal formulas and start helping others. Up until this point, his life journey lead him to discover many hidden truths about nature and it's healing plants. The reason that Dr. Sebi and I became such close friends towards the end of his life is because I approached him while completing a 30 day liquid fast with techniques I had learned from a previous mentor in herbal remedies and fasting. Fasting became the basis of the friendship I had with Dr. Sebi. I have interviews with Dr. Sebi below:

Interview with Dr. Sebi in English is available here.

Interview with Dr. Sebi in Spanish is available here.

The topic of the video above is about fasting, which Dr. Sebi speaks on for a good while. There are lots of hidden gems and golden nuggets of knowledge, so I urge you to pay attention. Even though it's quite lengthy, I will simplify it for you:



During these days, you must have lots of water, herbs and fruits as juice or whole. This practice can be very powerful. When it comes to fasting, there is a guideline about which foods are considered "good" for fasting, and they are referred to as "alkaline foods." I have been able to create educational materials for those willing to understand how to apply fasting into their lives. They are centered in the safest form of fasting without supervision, intermittent fasting.

The reason why I wrote "Fasting with the Masters: a Guide for Self-healing," is because I also had a transformation with fasting like Dr. Sebi that is unique to my story, which is the way that I write the book; in story form. It's not a straightforward guide into fasting, but rather one that provides context for the practice and my many years learning from distinguished mentors. In the guide and the "Fast Health Solutions Video Course," I share the updated alkaline nutritional guide with instructions on how to fast properly. I created these materials to assist you with fasting techniques and reference points taught to me by the highest authorities on fasting and herbal medicines. 

Now, an important aspect of successful fasting is mentorships. Dr. Sebi received his guidance and herbal medicines from a Mexican healer. I received my herbal compounds by my original teacher and Dr. Sebi and now am available to coach others with personalized herbal packages for all types of fasting: beginners to advanced liquid and experimental cleanses. These fasting mentorships are exclusive because I do personally guide and provide a safe environment for transformational fasting and cleanses. You can learn more about my coaching and go towards the application process here. 



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