• 30 Day Program or More: My own personal transformation with my mentors took a discipline regiment for 30-days of liquid fasting. Because of this, I help others achieve their health goals with my unique approach to the human body, fasting and alkaline nutrition. 
  • 7+ Year Acceleration: This coaching program will accelerate your learning curve, as it offers you nearly a decade worth of personal results in the process of fasting, as my world renowned mentors taught me.
  • Personal Coaching Experience: This program includes 4 coaching calls a week for minimum of 4 weeks. We cover all the essential aspects of fasting while monitoring your steady progress towards wellness sovereignty. 
  • Step By Step Process: This coaching programs features a distilled knowledge of the steps and procedures that guarantee a successful fasting period. 
  • Customized Herbal Packages: The only program that includes a personalized herbal package to address any health concerns and/or assist in the fasting process. These herbs are organic and comes from trusted associates and partners in Mexico and Europe. The herbal package is constructed following the initial consultation.
  • Customized Fasting Experience: There are so many types of fasting, such as intermittent fasting, liquid fasting, water fasting, raw food fasting and more. Depending on your body type, current situation and projected goals, you will be guided with the method of fasting that best suits your needs. 
  • Weekly Assignments: In order to track your process better, I administer assignments and exercises that will you better understand the alkaline living methods that will enhance your wellbeing even after the program has finished. 
  • Medical Astrology: Based on your personal information, I will be able to see your "natal chart," which is the picture of the stars the day you were born. Based on the position of the planets, I can determine your mineral deficiencies using the method of "medical astrology," which I have used to help myself and others.
  • Bonus Material: As a perk of enrolling in the program, I will provide bonus training material that is intended to provide both online and offline support.


  • Answers to the Questionnaire: At the bottom of this section, there is a questionnaire that you must fill out. Once that has been properly submitted, you obtain your response within 24-48 hours of applying. 
  •  Response via E-mail: If selected, congratulations, we will arrange a 30 min. consultation to determine full compatibility to work together.
  • Wellness Sovereignty Map: During our interview, you will be asked a series of questions to determine the compatibility we have in working together. If so, we will arrange your unique "Wellness Sovereignty Map."  


Medical Astrology is a way in which a personalized chart is drawn to assist with mineral deficiencies. This information helps with the custom herbal package and other foods that should be ingested by the client. 

By the end of the health coaching period, one will have fuller understanding of self in relation to the natural cycles in nature. By knowing this, you will have the upmost advantage in your wellness sovereignty. 


A tailored herbal package does more for the body than random herbs off the internet. This is because MOST herbs that are recommended by people and other holistic doctors are hybrids, and hybrid herbs tend to be acidic on the PH scale. Acidic substances cause imbalances in the body. 

With a customized herbal package, the fasting process becomes easy and more pleasant. Alkaline herbs assist with cravings, clean the blood, digestive track and much more. The herbal package is high quality and high quantity for the best fasting experience. 

"Fasting is such a delicate topic, but Tommy really made it simple and manageable with what was happening in my life. I really felt taken care of during my process, and his herbal preparations are phenomenal. He really distills the knowledge from the greats like Dr. Sebi into simple to follow steps. If you're really looking to advance far beyond the information that is available out there, I strongly recommend Tommy as your guide."

Sally Villalba
Entrepreneur & Host of Women In Business Show

"Tommy has shown me what it's like to live a healthy lifestyle and how to help others as well. In understanding the alkaline living guidelines, I was able to make a difference in myself and my family members."

Jack Morales
Media Producer at Miami-Dade College

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