Intermittent Fasting Mistakes

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2018


When it comes to Intermittent Fasting, there is a margin of error that will keep you from the results that you want. Although intermittent fasting is the most accessible form of fasting for most people, the methods that I share are the ones that will likely give you similar results as an extended 30 day liquid cleanse. If you understand the core principles that I share in my book, course and program, intermittent fasting for a period of 3 months will significantly transform the body, mind and spirit like an extended liquid fast, only it's much easier to uphold on the longterm. 

Because fasting brings the body into a regenerative state, there is an opportunity that will assist in the restoration of the body and immune functions. In any case, I find it interesting that most people are unaware of the challenges that are obstructing the path towards perfect health and wellbeing. Below, I will highlight the top mistakes people make during the fasting process, acknowledging that no matter what your purpose is for fasting, there are still general guidelines that determine the level of success you will have. 


When it comes to the human body, there are simple things that don't require a degree in biology to understand. The body is mostly water and the quality of water affects the quality of your life. 

I personally didn't pay this much attention growing up, and that's because my taste buds were conditions to sugary drinks and such. In fact, many people around me were also like that, claiming that they obtain the water they needed from the water that was contained within sodas, juices and energy drinks. 

When I first completed my 30 days of liquid cleansing, I was completely relieved from dry eye symptoms that bothered me every time I woke up in the morning. Now days, most people would supplement their dry eyes with drops and other chemicals instead of stimulating the lubrication from within the body. Water is important in order for the blood to circulate and for the body to communicate better. Even though intermittent fasting is not as rigorous as a liquid fast, it definitely allows ample time during the periods of not eating during the day to catch up on the water intake.

Intermittent fasting is still a fasting period, even though it's easier to uphold than most, but doing intermittent fasting without drinking quality water is one of most unwise things one can do during the intermittent fasting process. Now, for most people, spring water is more accessible. However, I personally have gotten the best results after installing a medical grade water ionizer in my home. This device filters and creates highly alkaline water that speeds up the detoxification process. 


There are many toxic substances that one can ingest while fasting, but the top things are caffeine and sugar. It is well known that coffee is an acidic drink, although for most people around the world it has grown into the fabric of their lives and culture. Alcohol is the same way, people use it as a means of social engagement and perhaps a relaxation tool or what not. However, during a fasting season, its one of the most deadly mistakes that one can make.

Coffee is considered to be an acidic substance in the body when measured with the PH scale. This means that instead of giving the body electrons and antioxidant properties, it robs the human body of balance and healing. I've seen this so many times that its difficult to argue. Every heavy coffee drinker has eye bags and lethargy after crashing on so much caffeine. Please do not drink coffee during your fast, rather replace the need for coffee with Dandelion root tea, which provides energy and a similar taste of coffee.

Alcohol, when metabolized by the body becomes sugar, sugar is a starch that is acidic and breaks down the body instead of building it up. Because the goal of fasting is to heal and/or loose excess weight, it's best to refrain from alcohol, as it can be sending the body the wrong message while undergoing a fasting process. 

Now, all I am saying is that during the fasting process, coffee and alcohol should be avoided, but that's entirely up to you. I know that it can be difficult to leave recreational habits behind, especially when they are backed by so much propaganda. 


When undergoing a fast, the body is more sensitive and requires much love and understanding. When cleansing, it's important to wash the produce that you juice properly or you could be making a fatal mistake. When juicing, it can be the case that pesticides and herbicides concentrate into your juice. I'm pretty sure that you do not want to be concentrating chemicals while fasting, plus that will more than likely harm you rather than help you. 

When produce is grown, there are layers of chemicals that are sprayed into the produce that do not wash off in the rain. Makes sense right? however if rain does not wash it off, how can you wash it when you buy it, so that you don't have to eat and consume those chemicals. The medical grade devices that I mentioned earlier have the capacity to remove those chemicals off produce, as it creates an alkaline water of 11.5PH that is used for the removal of oil-based pesticides and chemicals. 


When it comes to the mistakes mentioned above, avoiding these can significantly increase your success rate in healing and increasing the immune system. If you feel guided to learn more about what to do and not to do during your fast, you can now obtain a copy of my book, "Fasting with the Masters: a Guide for Self-healing," where I cover many things in line with this article. For a deeper course, "Fast Health Solutions" video modules are available to truly understand how to properly fast, use herbal remedies and more. Finally, for a step-by-step guided fasting experience, you can check out the my coaching program here.


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