Intermittent Fasting Beginner's Guide

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Intermittent fasting is probably the most well known method of fasting that I have come across with people. Every time that I speak about what I do with wellness, everyone seems to know and understand the advantages of intermittent fasting. I've written about the advantages and disadvantages in depth here

However, most people don't know where to begin and how to properly engage it. Sure, there are many videos that come to mind with this kind of topic, and videos are a great tool for learning. However, fasting is not something that I personally recommend learning so leisurely, especially the more advanced fasting methods because it can do more damage than good. 

When one fasts, the body become more sensitive and you must be well equipped in dealing with challenges that may come in the way of your wellness. However, it must be said that there are many reasons to fast.

In my personal experience, I started to fast for wellbeing. Weight-loss was never a target goal for me, but only to get my skin from reacting with inflammation, for my nervous system to balance out and lastly to improve my eyes naturally. I was then guided by a master elder in the art of herbal remedies and fasting. He was a man from the West Indies or Jamaica, if you will. They had a perspective on life called Rastafari, although their way of living was as true to the metaphysical core values of the tradition, where nature and her creation is to be honored and respected. 

Ras Tehuti along with his queen (life partner), taught me in the art of self healing by ways of nature derived solutions. I bought large bottles of mineral rich teas and purifiers. I also received foot reflexology with Rau-set Sylvia, the partner of Ras Tehuti. As a student, I learned spiritual tools and healing possibilities that I didn't think were possible. 

I underwent a 30 day liquid cleanse with only blended drinks such as fruits and vegetables, 1 gallon a day of water and special teas that I would buy from Ras Tehuti and make myself. I learned the proper ways to combine foods and to obtain the minerals that I needed. I became an adept at making herbs with the guidance of Ras Tehuti and Rau-set Sylvia.

I first learned of fasting when I was told one day by Rau-set Sylvia that she and Ras Tehuti were going to do a 21 day liquid cleanse to celebrate a special moment during the year and I was quite intrigued after I asked "why." I was really surprised at the answer that it was so healing for the body. 

All I can say is, I achieved significant results in reversing my dry eye conditions, because the body is made up of 70% or more water, and the eyes just over 90% water. This 30 day liquid accomplishment helped me achieve the right lubrication that my eyes needed to revamp themselves. Therefore, fasting activates ones inner abilities of healing. 

Now, liquid fasting for 30 days or more for 7 years, I recognize the power that is available when one decides to correct their lifestyle in 30 days. Of course, even after coming back into solid foods, I became extremely clean with my food, and still am. 

After doing much training with my mentors, I became aware of an interesting man that claimed to cure cancer and more, his name was Dr. Sebi from Honduras in Central America. I was able to meet him before his passing. He himself healed from many illnesses through fasting, herbal compounds and alkaline living foods. Because he saw a determined young manin me, he shared with me many things, including experimental fasting techniques that are only to be experienced by adepts. 


As you can imagine, it's not very common to hear of people fasting other than for religious reasons. However, I learned of another benefit because my life circumstances brought me to a place where I was willing to give into the lifestyle. I understand by sharing my experiences that liquid fasting is not realistic for some people. My healing transformations have come from the years of mentorship and liquid fasting among other things, but the guidance of my mentors is what I'd like to make an emphasis on. 

Liquid fasting is not something that I recommend people to do on their own, simply because one needs to know the right foods, herbs and scheduling necessary to thrive on a 30 day cleanse. Guidance is required because that's the safest way of going through such a physically demanding experience, and the herbal compounds is the way in which I was able to thrive doing liquid cleanses with my working hours and daily activities.

The truth is that having my mentor's herbs and instructions were the most essential aspects of the fasting and healing experience for me. I wrote about my experiences in my newly released book, "Fasting with the Masters: a Guide for Self-healing." I detail my journey in a way that most can understand, but I also give the basic frame works of Intermittent Fasting. You can obtain a digital copy of my book with the alkaline nutritional guide that I use for fasting by clicking here.

For those with the desire to liquid fast or intermittent fast for 30 days or more, I am now accepting applications to work with determined individuals that wish to transform their lives. You can check out my one-on-one coaching opportunity here. 

Intermittent Fasting is the way that I feel most people can manage on their own, which is why I wrote my book on the topic. I made sure to include practical tips that people could apply into their lives after reading it, and able to reference it whenever they need to. For this article, I'd like to highlight some important things about Intermittent Fasting that I've put into my book and programs:


The digestive system should be too worked up during the night, and if one sticks to liquids after the sun has set, the digestive system has time to work during the evening and much less during sleeping hours. I noticed with myself and with clients that when we apply this discipline, there is increased dream activity and feeling of proper rest. In the morning, bowl movements are almost immediate. This is important given the fact that most people suffer from constipation now days because of improper foods and other stressful factors. 


On a basic level, alkaline foods are the unadulterated fruits, vegetables and herbs. There are many varieties of lists that let you know which foods are alkaline or not. You can read more about the alkaline diet here. The full nutritional guide that I use is only available alongside my book, the link is above. 


I know that many people have a difficulty in this area. I can understand, but I highly recommend this habit, especially during fasting. As stated before, the body is made up of 70% or more of only water. The type of water is important too. which is why, on the basic level spring water is the first recommendation. However, for those that want to know of a powerful way to alkalize the body, there are medical grade water ionizer technology that filters and charges water for anti-oxidant therapy. You can find out more by reading here. 


Apart from my book about intermittent fasting, I also have put together a video course that breaks down my knowledge with 9 modules. In addition, I include bonus audio material that extend the teachings. These modules are able to obtain you mastery of intermittent fasting and partial training with liquid fasting. This course is ideal for beginners and those that find watching videos more effective. I also go into things that I don't cover in the book, which is extremely valuable. You can read more and enroll here

This course is designed to get ahold of the right habits that you will to be completely autonomous with basic skills to assist you on your wellness journey. In the course, I cover the in which herbal teas are prepared, with a video tutorial of how I make the "sustainer green juice," which is the formula I use to sustain my energy and vitality during fasting seasons. I put all of this together in order to help people experience healing, transformation and a greater connection to life. 










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