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When it comes to gut health there is so much information out there about different products, drinks, supplements, and diets. All though these things are great, I want to share with you 5 foods/herbs that come straight from nature and are highly alkaline so you can improve/heal your gut.

So let's start by inner standing what our gut is made of.


The Gut microbiota, gut flora, or microbiome are the microorganisms including bacteria, archaea and fungi that live in the digestive tracts of humans and other animals including insects. The gastrointestinal metagenome is the aggregate of all the genomes of gut microbiota. The gut is the main location of human microbiota).

So as you can imagine balancing this part of the body happens naturally, yes, but also what we put in our bodies has the most effect on our gut. So let me give you 5 herbs/foods that will encourage the highest and best balance in your gut.


The first food we're gonna start with is the Papaya.


A Delicious tropical fruit that contains immense amounts of fiber, antioxidants and digestive enzymes.

A cup of papaya when had on an empty stomach is known to clear the digestive tract of toxins and smoothen the bowel movement due to the presence of digestive enzymes. It is also known to keep away digestive disorders like bloating, upset stomach and constipation.

So if you're looking to improve your digestive health papaya is a excellent choice. Add it to your smoothies, have a cup of papaya in the morning and allow natures medicine to work through you.


Next up


Ginger is a absolutely incredible root that will provide you many benefits on your journey to improve/heal your gut. Ginger is used mainly to treat nausea through a direct effect on the stomach rather than on the central nervous system. Ginger is also used to treat upset stomach, and other stomach issues. Ginger can also modulate the composition of the gut microbiota.

You can consume ginger in many different ways. You can make tea, chop it up and put it in your soup/food, Use ginger powder and sprinkle it on your salads/meals and so much more.

 Typically you can have ginger at any time of the day however its best consumed in the morning.

Drinking ginger water early in the morning, before your meals can keep blood sugar levels balanced, which will ultimately keep you away from over-eating. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases by balancing the cholesterol levels in the body.

 So go ahead and spice up your life with some ginger and simultaneously you will be doing something great for your gut.


The last fruit on the list before we move into herbs is,



 The benefits of coconut flesh on the gut are outstanding!

 Coconuts are high in fiber, which helps bulk up your stool and supports bowel regularity, keeping your digestive system healthy.

Coconut meat or flesh has a lot of nutrients present in it including manganese, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc among others which help form red blood cells, as well as selenium, an important antioxidant that protects your cells.

Coconut flesh has all the essential vitamins and minerals which you should consume for a healthy body. 

The vitamins A, D, E, and K present in coconut meat help in improving the gut bacteria which protects your digestive system from inflammation among other issues. 

 Now onto herbs

I'm going to quickly share with you two powerful herbs that can help you tremendously with you gut.




Tila, Also known as Tilia cordata, Linden and as small-leaved lime, is considered the most potent species of the Tilia genus. Linden tea has been used across cultures to relieve high blood pressure, calm anxiety, and soothe digestion. To create this herbal infusion, flowers, leaves, and bark are boiled and steeped.


  • In times of gastric distress, linden tea can soothe your digestive system.
  • Tiliroside, one of its plant compounds, has been shown to help fight infectious diarrhea 

Adding linden tea to your diet is easy. Given that it can promote relaxation and sleep, it may be a good idea to drink a cup before bedtime.




Fennel tea is great for a healthy digestion, and treat bloating, gas, or cramps, and may also act as a diuretic. Fennel seed is an effective aid to digestion. It can help smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system relax and reduce gas, bloating, and stomach cramps.

Other than tea You can also mix chopped fennel fronds into pesto's, salsas, stocks, curries, and vinaigrettes for an added hit of freshness. You can use them to top dips, And they're delicious when tossed into green salads or strewn on top of roasted vegetables.


So there you have it. These are 3 foods that are easily accessible and 2 herbs that can also easily be bought as tea in store or online that you can begin to implement into your lifestyle to heal, enhance and overall maintain a healthy gut.


& Always remember, FOLLOW YOUR GUT!


Your gut is your god given guidance system that will never stray you off course. And in order to have a clear guidance you must have a clear gut.

 Eat healthy & live pure.


With the UTMOST LOVE, The team at Sun-Rei Wellness.

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