Dr. Sebi and Fasting

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Dr. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras. He took his first breath November 23rd, 1933 and breathed his last August 6, 2016. He grew up without formal education, and that allowed him to think differently than others. Still, he was very smart and chose to leave Central America to become a steam engineer.

Although he was able to make a decent life for himself without formal education, he developed diabetes, obesity and impotency at the age of 30. In many of his videos, his personal statement is that he was not able to be helped by the different schools of thought. It was not until a Mexican herbalist told him to go into a fasting seasons that he was able to overcome all of his health challenges. 

After such a radical change in lifestyle and an introduction to real natural medicines, Alfredo Bowman began to experiment with herbs. After this, he began his own path of herbal understanding and thus began his ministry in helping people with a fresh perspective on life and health. 

No doubt Dr. Sebi was able to do some amazing things and able to heal many people from all manifestations of disease. However, It has come to my attention the emphasis on fasting. Dr. Sebi transformed himself into the man we all know and love due to the process of fasting. 


When I met Dr. Sebi, I was fasting for 30 days with only liquids. This means, I was only drinking herbs, blending occasional fruits and drinking a gallon a day of alkaline water. All of this made me able to detox, cleanse, replenish and re-charge. I was able to accomplish this because I had been trained previously by my mentor Ras Tehuti, which shared his secrets in liquid fasting and plant medicines with me. At this, Dr. Sebi was impressed and wanted to share more and more time with me. 

I managed to record audio of the first time that we sat together and shared as friends, and it was after this meeting that I began a close apprenticeship with Dr. Sebi. You can access our interview in english here.

The fact was that fasting bonded us together as teacher and student. This is truly because Dr. Sebi's life was saved by the power of fasting and plant medicines, and he was delighted that a young man like myself would be such an adept at it. After many private talks, I asked the great doctor to give me an interview in Spanish. I chose to do this because I wanted to talk with him in both of our native languages. You see, Spanish was Dr. Sebi's first language, and so I felt a need for us to share and help those of Spanish speaking folks. There is much more information available of Dr. Sebi in English, but if you happen to be bilingual with English/Spanish, then you should definitely listen to our interview here: Part 1 & Part 2


It's not very common to hear that Dr. Sebi had students, but in fact he did. I became Dr. Sebi's apprentice in a very special way and in a very special time in Dr. Sebi's life, as he was living his last days when we met. The truth is, there are a handful of students that were trained by Dr. Sebi. However, the above statement requires explanation, because Dr. Sebi believed that the woman is the leader in the arrangement of life, as he so boldly put it in our English interview. This meant for Dr. Sebi that women should be in charge of the healing and that men should focus on agriculture. 

In other words, Dr. Sebi and I discussed fasting, agriculture and medicinal plants. We did NOT discuss his formulas or anything of that nature. This means that I did NOT learn how to reproduce what his products are on his official website. However, just because I did not learn his exact formulas, does not mean I cannot reproduce his results in helping and healing people. 

Remember, Dr. Sebi was able to be cured of his illness because of fasting and herbal remedies given to him by a Mexican healer! 


Dr. Sebi's legacy remains intact with a few of his loyal followers and adepts. There are many that speculate that "Dr. Sebi's Cell Food," Dr. Sebi's official website and its products have been compromised. The focus of this article is not get too much into detail in regards to this topic, because it's not relevant to the topic of discussion. However, in this website, I do not sell herbal packages or single herbs because I strongly feel that it's doing a disservice to people. It is my professional viewpoint that it takes a personalized experience to truly change and heal one's body.

Fasting was able to link Dr. Sebi and myself as healers and friends, but much like him, I was able to transform and heal when I underwent a period of fasting that was guided by a mentor. When Dr. Sebi underwent his fast, he had a mentor to guide him as to what he needed to do, and I have to say that with my previous mentor Ras Tehuti, I was able to overcome many challenges that I would not have done otherwise. 

In short, many people ask me after Dr. Sebi passed if his products have the same integrity and whether or not they should trust "Dr. Sebi's Cell Food." All I have to say is the following:

If your intention is to heal and overcome a major health challenge, then the simple products and instructions given by "Dr. Sebi's Cell food" will not be of much help. This comes from my understanding that when it comes to natural healing, one definitely needs coaching through an experience such as fasting. 

If you're one that seeks a personalized herbal package with coaching, then consider my program, where I take you through 30 days of herbal remedies, food guidelines, cooking and more. Although herbs cannot be purchased in my website, these private coaching experiences enable me to create custom herbal packages with the wisdom of Dr. Sebi's methods passed on to me. For more information, click here.


For those that are interested in knowing more and understanding the importance of fasting, please check out my easily downloadable book about my fasting journey of transformation and healing. In this book, I also mention how to start fasting on your own in the safest form (for those without major health issues). In this book, I not only share tips and tricks from the world renowned healers that taught me, but also many other methods that have been proven to be effective. For more information and where to purchase, click here


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