Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2018


When I find myself in conversations with people about my passion for wellness and fasting, people usually find common ground with me in the topic of intermittent fasting. Most people seem to be well informed about this type of fasting, and it's exciting to me that it has been growing popular in the last 3 years or so. 

When I started to fast and cleanse 7 years ago, I would do 30 days of liquid cleansing on a yearly basis. Because of this, something started to happen in my body. Doing 30 day liquid cleanses alters the body in ways that made me adapt intermittent fasting as my regular routine when I am not fasting with liquids. 

In accordance with my mentors, because the human body is made up of 70% or more of water, it's important to have mostly liquids on a daily basis for optimum health. Intermittent fasting allows for times when solid foods are abstained from, giving the opportunity to consume liquids for nourishment.

Fasting does not mean to abstain from nutrition, as there are many types of fasting. With fruit and vegetable blends, herbal teas and compounds and lots of water, exits an amazing opportunity to replenish the liquids inside our body and give the digestive system a break. 

Many people suffer from lack of energy and other problems that are caused by constipation and waste that is not eliminated by the body correctly. We're living in interesting times, where discernment is key, especially when it comes to consumption of foods. Why do I make such a huge emphasis about this? simply stated, it's because much of the things that are available to us, is only been recently available within the past 100 years or so.

To further explain my objective, I only need to mention that chewing gum is a fairly new thing from the last 100 years. If you swallow it, it remains in one's body for seven years. Think about this, a foreign substance that doesn't leave the body, all the while the organs and growth within the body has to happen around this foreign object. How much different do you think the body of a 7 year old is compared to a 14 year old? 

Fasting gives the body extra strength to cleanse itself, because there are other examples that I could mention that are just like the chewing gum example. I've personally have been a witness to friends of mine getting struck with cancer and other illnesses that are really rare for young people to get. What about microwaves? don't get me started on that, because it significantly reduces the nutritional quality of food and that's something that has been proven. 

Fasting in general is definitely a way to take the healing power of your body back into your own hands. Intermittent fasting however, is a very reasonable way in which you can obtain the same results of a liquid cleanse if you should extend that discipline into your life for a while. The following are the overall benefits: 


Brain function is improved through intermittent fasting, and this is due in part because of the relief and efficiency of improved immune functions and digestive tasks, In fact, many doctors and holistic practitioners claim that the gut is the "second brain." At this, there is a direct correlation between a healthy gut and brain.


As before mentioned, there is an increased productivity in digestive tasks and fat metabolism, allowing the body to be more efficient in absorbing nutrients, all the while releasing toxins and waste. When done in a prolonged manner, fasting will significantly detoxify the system.


As they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure." With fasting, this holds to be true. Cancer thrives in acidic environments and when there is much artificial sugars consumed by the body. Fasting assists the body with regular PH balance activities within the body, making it more prepared to fight off anything that resembles cancer. 


This one is perhaps the most obvious one, because fasting is generally understood as a lack of eating. However, whatever fasting you may wish to undertake, it will generally help you with weight loss, but I should say that it more accurately assists in bring the body back into it's ideal weight. 


When fasting, more blood is able to be circulated easier within the body, therefore increasing heart productivity and efficiency. Heart attacks are among the top causes of death in the United States, making fasting an important tool that will get you back on track from the inside out!


MIT produced a study about how fasting for 72 hours is proven to increase stem cell activity in the intestinal tract. Fasting makes it possible for the body to strengthen itself in order to be able to resist harmful bacterias and viruses we may be exposed to in our daily living. I pray that by now, you understand the importance of fasting as a wellness tool. 


Glucose is important for the body's energy absorption, and fasting will assist diabetic's internal regulators. Fasting helps the pancreas create a healthy balance of insulin in order to take glucose into the cells, making it into a more efficient process of operation. 



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