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1. Full Name, Date of Birth, Address to ship herbs and/or visit, and Occupation.

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2. What are your habits with Animal products? This includes Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Cows, Pigs an other living creatures. How frequent is your consumption per week? What are your habits with coffee, caffeinated tea, sugar, cane sugar, alcohol and cigarettes? 

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3. Are you allergic to anything? Take this space to write anything I should know in regards to previous operations, accidents and possible illnesses that you may consider hereditary. 

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4. What experience do you have with fasting? Are you aware that the word "fasting" does not mean that you not be eating and consuming foods?

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5. Do you have any issues consuming capsules? Herbal capsules are best to work with herbs that are difficult to ingest in tea and other forms. I utilize vegan, kosher, vegetable cellulose capsules. 

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6. What are your health goals with me during your fasting with herbs?

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7. Be honest, so that you and I can make arrangements accordingly. What is your level of commitment with preparing meals, herbs and staying on top of schedules? I mention this for my package preparations, to know weather to encapsulate more herbs rather than give them in raw form or with instructions for you to cook some of the plants. 

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8. Do you exercise? Do Yoga and Meditation? I recommend strict meditation for the elite packages because it helps with bringing more oxygen to the blood and thus advance the detoxing process. 

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9. How is your water intake? What type of water do you consume? Are you willing to invest 1 gallon a day as part of this herbal treatment?

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