The knowledge of the PH Balance allows one to know acidic and alkaline substances. Alkaline means life and anti-oxidizing properties that are regenerative to the cells of the body. Are you too acidic? Download the checklist below to find out!



In the field of chemistry, there is a tool to measure an aqueous solution's acidic or alkaline conditions. In this scale, 7.0 is neutral and the alkaline and acidic measures are shown in the image above. PH stands for "potential of hydrogen," and this helps determine the anti-oxidant properties a substance may have. Alkaline substances are not only applied to aqueous solutions though, any item consumed by the body has a value on the PH scale. 


An Alkaline diet is considered to be the healthiest and most nutritious regiment that exists. If you're looking for the cleanest way to eat, this is it. An alkaline diet is essentially vegan and consists of liquids, fruits and veggies that are the MOST NATURAL and complementary to the human body. We all know that acid breaks things down and in the body, acidic substances do exactly that; robbing us of vitality, energy and wellbeing.

It's important to mention here that when it comes to foods, there are items that taste sour to the mouth but the body recognizes it as an alkaline substance. Some individuals and even health practitioners confuse sour taste with acidic, and that's simply not true. A great example of this are seville oranges and key limes, which are sour to the taste, but alkalizing and anti-oxidizing for the body. 


Some of you may be familiar with the anti-oxidant properties of berries, and this is definitely true. All berries except cranberries are considered alkaline and highly recommended for daily consumption.

This is based on the years of research and results of the world renowned healer and herbalist Dr. Sebi, who was known to reverse many pathologies with the knowledge of alkaline living. 


The alkaline diet bring more vitality into the body, as the alkaline lifestyle is proven to bring more energy and wellbeing into your life experience. More than this, its helps with any imbalances in the body and the detoxing process. The research of my late mentor, Dr. Sebi, also testifies to the healing powers of alkaline living, understanding that everything consumed by the body is within the PH scale. 


An important aspect of the alkaline diet is understanding that nature's finest gifts are alkaline. In nature, there is something called "thermal waters," which are waters that arise from deep beneath the earth, and are waters with an alkaline value of 9.0-10 PH, which is very high on the scale. Also, native fruits and vegetables that are not the product of hybridization are also alkaline in nature. So in essence, the alkaline lifestyle helps the body to heal because of it's close relationship to nature's most powerful gifts. 



Alkaline living is the best way to provide your body with more energy and lifespan. Professional athletes are among the groups that are embracing the knowledge of an alkaline diet to improve their physical performance. Even if you're not an athlete, you can still harness the benefits of alkaline living to improve your daily activities, especially excercise. 


The alkaline regiment is the cleanest diet. This is simply because alkaline living encompasses the most anti-oxidant water and the most pure and nutritious foods. Alkaline water hydrates the cells and improves overall body functions, while the foods that are alkaline are able to be utilized most by the body. An alkaline diet is free from reverse osmosis water, which robs your body of minerals. An alkaline diet is free from chemical processes, un-natural sugars, dairy, animal products, GMO and hybridization, which is acidic to the body once absorbed. An alkaline diet is the definition of eating clean.  


These are the top alkaline foods that you can start to include into your diet right now to neutralize acidic environments inside your body:

  • Dandelion Greens
  • Amaranth (gluten free grain)
  • Papaya
  • Avocados
  • Mushrooms (all except shiitake)


There are many different opinions about what items are considered alkaline and those that are not. My recommendations are based on what I personally learned from my mentors as to what is considered alkaline and acidic, namely the work of world renowned herbalist and healer, Dr. Sebi. His work on alkaline living has been the basis of disease reversal, and it's the method that use and recommend to my clients. Weather you're familiar with it or not, the most important thing to remember that his diet recommends fruits, grains, vegetables and herbs that are native to the earth and alkaline in nature. Because of this, my personally mentorship and research has found many more items than is recognized by individuals that are familiar with his food list recommendations. My methods are inspired by the work of my mentors, but it also goes beyond the basic understanding that the general public has on the subject. In my personal interview with him in english, he mentions food items that have never been mentioned or are included in his food list. Click here to listen now. 



Master herbalist and healer from Honduras who helped thousands, celebrities and public figures alike, with his methods of alkaline "electric foods" that are able to fortify the body and greatly influence the body's healing abilities.


Dr. Sebi mentions that when you have the option to choose fruits that are "seedless," always go for the seeded option. Alkaline living is the consumption of nutrients just as nature intended. This lifestyle does not promote human manipulation of the genetic material of fruits and vegetables. 


When we understand that the composition of the human body is mostly water, we know that the most efficient way to alkalize the body is with water.


When there is a combination of natural alkaline foods with high PH water, there is an high alkaline diet that will be sure to work wonders in your life. A high alkaline diet will help to neutralize all of the acidic substances that affect the body. The consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, concentrated and processed fruit juices cause acidity within the body. If you look at the ingredients list of most of the items in your house right now, you will see that it is very difficult to eat clean, free of preservatives, laboratory alterations and more. A high alkaline lifestyle is a toll in which you may take back control of what your body consumes.  



Water is life, and that is made clear by the image above, which shows the percentage of major organs and their water composition. If you're an individual that is not yet ready to eat clean, water is the best way to reap the benefits of alkalinity. Alkaline water is a naturally occurring phenomenon in many places around the world, as the movement of water creates an electric current. This is a well known fact. However, bottled water and tap water contain contaminants and simply don't contain the healing powers of alkaline water. From my years of research, I have found the best way to have alkaline water at your fingertips. That freedom to have alkaline water readily available comes from a "medical grade water ionizer." 



People all over the world are starting to convert to drinking alkaline water.  The picture to the left shows mega rockstar from the band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler. He is but one example of the many athletes, actors and professional performers that must remain as healthy as possible to continue their life's work. 

The medical grade water ionizers is a kitchen appliance that hooks up to your sink, filters harmful chemicals and takes the water through a process called "electrolysis," which is the same process that naturally occurring thermal waters have. We're really just scratching the surface of all the benefits that an Ionizer machine brings. 

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The knowledge of the PH Balance allows one to know acidic and alkaline substances. Alkaline means life and anti-oxidizing properties that are regenerative to the cells of the body. Are you too acidic? Download the checklist below to find out!


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